Kolios Group SΑ uses land cultivation practices which are driven by our desire to protect the environment.

If we act immediately and effectively we can protect our environment. At Kolios Group SA our everyday working practices are driven by our desire to protect the environment. We know very well that the practices we adopt for the land influence and shape the climate and the environment. We take care, therefore, to co-exist harmoniously with the land, and to choose agricultural practices which allow us to do this. For example, we make sure that, as far as possible, we choose crops that do not require synthetic fertilizers and which are resistant to disease and predators. This allows us to intervene with these crops as little as possible. At the same time, we try to manage natural resources in the best possible way. In Kolios Group SA, we know that environmental protection is our social responsibility.

Scientists are increasingly concerned about the Greenhouse effect as it is directly linked to the very important issue of global warming. The environment seems to going through one of the most difficult phases in history. The increase in the average temperature of the Earth's surface results in an increase in extreme weather events and natural disasters, which, unfortunately, are making their mark on our lives more and more often. The good news is that scientific opinions converge on the fact that this situation can be described as reversible. This is because scientists are convinced that global warming is linked to human activities.

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Kolios Group SΑ is involved in the Marketing and Export of Fruit. Its headquarters is in Arta and it has developed a very large export network in Europe, the Middle East and China.

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