Since 2014, Kolios Group SA’s facilities have included 220 acres of privately owned orchards containing approximately 20,000 kiwifruit trees bearing Hayward Soreli varieties. Kiwifruits are produced and traded here.

Our facilities

Kolios Group SA’s factory and support facilities are situated in a privately owned area of 15,000 square meters in the Roka Filotheis region and in a second area of 25,000 square meters in Gavria Arta.

The company's activities include the whole production process (cultivation, grading and packaging) and marketing of kiwis, oranges, mandarins and strawberries. Also, Kolios Group SA is active in the strawberry market, as it exports strawberries the international market.

Today, 85% of our products are exported, while the remaining 15% are sold on the domestic market, mainly in large Supermarket chains.

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Kolios Group SΑ is involved in the Marketing and Export of Fruit. Its headquarters is in Arta and it has developed a very large export network in Europe, the Middle East and China.

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