Kolios Group SA, which is involved in the marketing and export of fruit, produces and markets the Hayward variety of kiwifruit.

Hayward Kiwifruit

The company produces and markets the Hayward variety of kiwifruit. Production takes place between October and May every year. Our storage capacity can reach 3,000 tonnes for each production period. The commercial potential of the product is limitless.


The fruit are packaged in accordance with customer requirements. Kiwifruit are packed in a way which gives the fruit ample protection. The materials used inside the package are clean and high quality to avoid external or internal damage to the fruit. Special paper materials or stamps bearing trade specifications can be used provided that the printing or labelling does not contain toxic ink or glue. The stickers are affixed to the product in such a way that they do not leave any visible trace of adhesive or cause surface damage when removed.
Products are packaged in accordance with the customer’s wishes and in accordance with all the requirements of ISO – HASCCP, GLOBAL GAP, FSSC 22000, GS1 Standards

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Kolios Group SΑ is involved in the Marketing and Export of Fruit. Its headquarters is in Arta and it has developed a very large export network in Europe, the Middle East and China.

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