Kolios Group SΑ, which is involved in the marketing and export of fruit, produces and markets the Soreli variety of kiwifruit..

Soreli Kiwifruit

Kolios Group SΑ
Kolios Group SA, which is based in Arta, has acquired the sole planting and handling rights for Soreli in Greece. The main characteristics of the Soreli variety are its intense yellow flesh and glowing bronze skin and the sweeter taste of the fruit. Also, it ripens about three weeks earlier than the Hayward variety. The outlook for increased cultivation in Greece is very positive, and demand for the Soreli variety and for yellow fleshed varieties in general has increased on the global market, particularly in Asia.

General Characteristics

Flowering periodThis variety blooms around mid May and produces oval-shaped fruits with shiny brown skin and bright yellow flesh and an average weight of 100 grams.

Harvest. Harvesting takes place when the sugar content is between 8-11 Brix, which is during the first half of October. The fruit can be harvested over a period of 20 to 30 days and has an excellent ratio of sugar to acid. The fruit normally lasts from 3-6 months depending on the conditions and maintenance methods.


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Kolios Group SΑ is involved in the Marketing and Export of Fruit. Its headquarters is in Arta and it has developed a very large export network in Europe, the Middle East and China.

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